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Creation Date

Fall 11-16-1896


At a regular biennial session of the General Conference Association of Seventh-day Adventists, held in Battle Creek, Michigan, during the autumn of 1895, it was unanimously decided that an industrial school should be established in the south for the education and training of the youth of the Negro race. A committee consisting of G. A. Irwin, O. A. Olsen, and H. Lindsey was appointed to select a suitable property for the school.

The members of the committee were authorized to purchase property for the school provided they did not exceed $8,000. After visiting several places in the northern part of the state of Alabama, the committee decided upon the site, of which the Oakwood Industrial School would occupy and paid, $6,480.00 or $18.00 per acre, in cash, which was considered a fair price. The farm comprised of 360 acres and was situated five miles northwest of the little city of Huntsville.


Founders, November 16, 1896, Oakwood Industrial School, General Conference, property.